HAPPY FRIDAY! If you celebrate St Patrick’s Day with copious booze, enjoy it tomorrow and also drink a huge thing of coconut water before you go to bed. It’s my most sure-fire hangover prevention.

This an fascinating piece at 99% Invisible about a woman who was the model for many of the female sculptures on public buildings constructed in the early years of the previous century .

At Lainey: WAIT. Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet are dating? How did this happen? Also…I sort of think they look GREAT together? ALSO I am exhausted and originally typed that EMMA THOMPSON was dating Chord, which also would be great except I love that she’s married to Mr Willoughby.

Are you watching the basketball? Loyola-Chicago had an amazing win yesterday, and a huge part of their story is their 98 year-old team chaplain, Sister Jean. This New York Times piece about her is GREAT.

This is a charming interview with Kelly Marie Tran, at GQ.

At Buzzfeed: Terry Crews Is Not Going Down Without A Fight.

This is a great interview at The Cut with Daniel Mallory Ortberg about transitioning (and his new book).

Over at Pajiba, this made me laugh: Is Back-In Parking Superior? Of Course Not, You Cretin. My parking space at home is right next to a back-in parker and he is TERRIBLE AT IT. He is DEMONSTRABLY worse at back-in parking than front-in (he CANNOT stay in his own spot and apparently does not feel the need to correct that when he gets out of the car and sees it?) and yet he keeps doing it. There is…no reason for him to back into his spot.

Relevant to our interests, at Girls of a Certain Age: Decorating with stripes.

At Atlas Obscura: The Man Who Made Violins Out of New York City Buildings

At Celebitchy, per the Enquirer (so, you know), Jennifer Garner has a new boyfriend.

Fascinating, at Collectors Weekly: When Medieval Monks Couldn’t Cure the Plague, They Launched a Luxe Skincare Line

IMPORTANT LIPSTICK NEWS at Revelist: Besame is finally releasing an Agent Carter makeup line.

Finally, you may remember last year that a member of Fug Nation, Tina, started a free weekend camp for transgender and gender creative kids and their families called Tertium Quid. Last year, Fug Nation raised over 10% of their budget! Which is amazing. They’re gearing up for a second year, and could use your help again, if this is a cause you’d like to support! (All donations are tax-deductible.) I believe Tina can also use volunteers, sponsors for campers, and, of course, if you and your kids would like to attend Tertium Quid, all details are at their website!