A reminder! The SAGs are Sunday — our look back at their 2007 red carpet is here! – so come by on Monday for major red carpet action, and, as ever, follow along with us as we live-tweet the red carpet on Twitter, which will surely be a departure from our general Twitter behavior of late.

Please excuse the jarring tonal segue from the above as I launch into this, but today is Holocaust Memorial Day. This Washington Post piece, about how Anne Frank’s family was denied entry to the United States as refugees from the Nazis, dates from 2014, but feels quite timely nevertheless (I only read it today myself).

At The Outline: America is afraid of ambitious women, even on TV

Bim Adewunmi’s piece about Inauguration Weekend is very worth your time. (As is everything she writes, actually.) [At Buzzfeed]

Over at Celebitchy: It’s Serena vs Venus in the Australian Open finals (which start really soon, if I’ve done the time change correctly). I’ve VERY TORN about who to root for. I love Serena, but I also love Venus. I might have to cheer for Venus, because she’s old and won’t be able to do this much longer (or maybe she will??) but, then, I want Serena to continue to rack up the major wins. I guess I will be delighted whoever wins and also I will be sad. (I might have to root for Venus. I feel like Serena will forgive me for this. I feel like it’s possible a part of Serena is also cheering for Venus to win?)

You will like this: The New York Times tracked down the descendants of the very first couple to have their wedding announced in Vows, in 1851.

I also think you’ll enjoy Pret-a-Reporter’s look at Mary Tyler Moore’s TV style. MARY!

Related: Alan Sepinwall’s lovely farewell. As for myself, my mom used to watch reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Bob Newhart at 6pm when I was a little kid, and Mary felt like part of our family. For a little girl, it was very valuable¬† — even though I didn’t realize it at the time — to see that a smart, working, single woman was someone to admire and love. (And I also loved her apartment and outfits. You can have brains and moxie AND good boots.)

Speaking of, Apartment Therapy had a great piece about Mary’s fabulous apartment.

And Linda Wells wrote a wonderful piece about her wardrobe (and more) over at The Cut.

At Atlas Obscura: 11 Secret Spaces Hiding in Famous Places. I’m here for this.

In Brooklyn, this is a great essay from¬†Rahawa Haile about watching Hidden Figures as (in her words), “a black woman who gave up on her astrophysics major.”

At Elle: All Hail Your New Queen, Carmen Dell’Orefice at Couture

At Vanity Fair: Angela Lansbury Remembers MGM, Where Katharine Hepburn Had Everyone in Awe

Interesting, at Cosmo: 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Costume Designer

You’ll appreciate The New York Times’s appreciation of Viola Davis on the red carpet.

At Lainey, oooooh look at Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring!

At Racked, this article about PETA is really interesting.

At Pajiba, some very interesting casting tid-bits from the second season of Stranger Things.

Refinery29 asks: How Much Should You Actually Spend On Deconstructed Jeans?

Via The New Potato, look at all these cute beanies!

Also at Lainey, this new wax figure of Ryan Gosling is not good.

At Revelist, Moschino went full Transformers this fashion week. For real.