Happy Friday, friends! In bits of housekeeping: Sunday is the Grammys, so definitely pop by on Monday to check out what went down on the red carpet. Also, did you know we’re on Instagram? IT IS TRUE.

Do you need new oxfords? You might!

Also! We had a long chat about this week’s Oscar nominations, which you might enjoy.

At The New York Times: Belatedly, The Indianapolis Star Gets Its Due for Gymnastics Investigation. Here’s to your local papers, and may Larry Nassar rot in prison.

Did you know that Emily V. Gordon is adapting The Nest? I just read this on Lainey. That feels basically perfect.

The Hollywood Reporter has a long interview with Lupita Nyong’o, and it is excellent, and widely ranging. To wit: “Given her candor, one suspects Nyong’o would be equally frank about politics, if it weren’t for the danger to others. Her father, Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, is a prominent politician in Kenya and a leader in the opposition to its current president, Uhuru Kenyatta. ‘I am very emotional about politics,’ says his daughter after some hesitation, ‘in a way that makes it hard for me to articulate things in a rational fashion.’ She knows that any words she utters will be put through the echo mill back home, which has recently been torn apart by a battle between competing presidential candidates and where her comments on behalf of her father’s gubernatorial candidacy recently led to a backlash from his opponents. ‘She understands how politics works and how communities work,’ says Mira Nair, a longtime friend of the Nyong’os who directed her in Queen of Katwe. ‘It’s part and parcel of her life.’ Asked whether she is political, Nyong’o says: ‘I don’t know. I had to share my father with politics for so long.’ She laughs. ‘I don’t ever want to be president — let’s just get that out of the way.'”

I think we can all agree with GQ’s headline here: Taylor Kitsch Forever

I love that EW ran this piece: 5 things I would have done differently in a Phantom of the Opera situation. It is VERY entertaining: “Ok, I know Christine is an orphan and so she maybe didn’t have great parental guidance on these things. But you can bet if a disembodied voice wanted to give me singing lessons, I would have a lot of questions. Number one being who are you and why won’t you show yourself to me? Maybe people in the 19th century are just more chill about the whole ghost thing, but it’s hard to understand why Christine went along with some shadowy voice offering to teach her to sing without at least raising an eyebrow. Then, once she does that and still knows nothing about him beyond his velvety voice and apt teaching skills, she follows him through a mirror portal into a boat and an underground lair! Girl, please exercise more caution! What if he just straight-up murdered you down there and no one ever found your body?!”

They’re rebooting Murphy Brown and I AM HERE FOR IT. Also: Until I read about this, I was QUITE SURE that Grant Shaud, who played Miles Silverberg, was dead. He’s NOT. Which is great for him! But who is dead? I know the actor who played Eldin is dead, so it wasn’t him. I’m very concerned about this nebbishy cute dude 80s sitcom actor I can’t remember. [Lainey]

At Pajiba: The Uber Appeal of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This piece mentions his role in Be Cool, which is the terrible sequel to Get Shorty, which I had not seen until literally this past weekend when I turned on the TV and it was on. There is a scene where the Rock’s character announces that he will be doing a monologue, and it’s actually a scene from Bring It On, in which he performs both the Gabrielle Union and the Kirsten Dunst roles, and it’s basically the only good part of that entire movie.

Service-y, at Vulture: The 27 Best ER Episodes to Watch If You’ve Never Seen It

At Revelist, this is kind of old, but I JUST read it so there you go: We tried Fashion Nova, the brand celebrities are paid to wear on Instagram. I am fascinated by all those rando Insta-brands. “The Day and Nite boots basically look like Dexter murder chambers for your feet. But hey — if Kim Kardashian, current arbiter of chic (lol) likes them, we may as well give them a try. And we entered a nightmare world from which we may never emerge.”

This was a very good comments section at Girl of a Certain Age: What is a fact about you that nobody would guess?

At Celebitchy: Casey Affleck will not attend this year’s Oscars to present Best Actress. I feel like that’s a good call on a variety of people’s parts.

Also at EW, a very amusing quiz about who you are on The Good Place. I am Eleanor and….yeah, that’s quite accurate.