The time has come, once again, to talk about shoes. More precisely, The Upswing In Popularity Of What I Would Call Elaine Benes Shoes, aka the oxford/brogue situation aka Man Shoes As Reinterpreted For Ladies. I, for one, would happily welcome Elaine as my overlord, and I am pleased that we have more options in the flat footwear arena than the ballet flat or the pointy-toed flat (honestly I think ballet flats make my little feet look like sausages). I have a pair of gold oxfords that I LOVE and wear constantly — I am wearing them RIGHT NOW, in fact (don’t ask me why that link keeps opening on the glitter version; mine are the gold, although if you want glitter oxfords I am not going to say no) — and I highly recommend adding them to your shoe repertoire. There are SO MANY cute ones. If you have small feet, these amazing green Manolos are on massive sale; if you wear a 9, the Prada ones that mine are knocking off are on deep sale at Saks; these classic Church’s are still pricey but AMAZING; and obviously, your Doc Marten is a now and forever classic, but also very on trend right now, to the point where I’m annoyed I got rid of my OG ones.

Let’s look at a whole bunch:

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