Happy Friday! As a bit of housekeeping: if you entered last week’s giveaway of After The War Is Over, PLEASE check your email! I haven’t heard back from the grand prize winner yet. If I don’t hear by Monday, I will pick a new winner, but if you’re the original one, you will be sad if that happens. That bit of shenanigans taken care of, please peruse:

– WHY YES, I do want to read about the history of the Lifetime movie. (The Washington Post)

– This is interesting, from Vanity Fair: The 9 Hollywood Players Who Might Just Save the Book Industry

– And this is awesome and well worth a read, even if you’re not a football fan: The Green Bay Packers have a long-running and very meaningful to them tradition. It’s a Settlers of Catan game. And apparently, they’re obsessed with it. For example, “Two weeks ago, Linsley won the game, but Bakhtiari, who typically hosts the games at his house, had briefly gone outside to cook a chicken for the group. He furiously protested Linsley’s victory because of this. ‘He put an asterisk by it. I didn’t,’ Linsley said. Backup quarterback Scott Tolzien is famous for slamming the board in frustration when he loses.” (WSJ)

Tatler gives us…the best beauty looks of Joan Collins. BUT OF COURSE.

– In which Food & Wine ranks all of the coffee served on Twin Peaks.

– You probably want to eyeball Chris. Evans, Pratt, Hemsworth. ENJOY. (Lainey)

– This is a DELIGHT: The Weird World of Vintage Poison Rings. I NEED A POISON RING. (Retroette)

– I love these pieces: How to Tell If You Are In a Henry James Novel. For example, “1. You’ve done something in a piazza that renders you unfit for polite company.” (The Toast)


– The history of CTRL + ALT + Delete. (Mental Floss)

– Linda Holmes’s take on the trailer for The Boy Next Door is a thing of beauty. (Monkey See)

– In the category, “I’ll Just Leave This Headline Right Here, behold: Tom Hiddleston might have a sex scene with a Victorian ghost in ‘Crimson Peak’ (Celebitchy)

– A woman got a tattoo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and it is pretty awesome. (Cosmo)