Happy Friday the 13th! I hope it was lucky for you. Avoid breaking any mirrors by sitting very still and reading this. ADDITIONALLY: Given that this Monday is Presidents’ Day, we will be posting on a very relaxed schedule. (Although the Downton recap will definitely be done and ready for you.) We’ll be back with normal posting on Tuesday. Until then:

– It’s nice to see a (gorgeous) 83 year old woman on the cover of a women’s magazine. (Jezebel)

– Here’s a look at Valentine’s Day in the Georgian era. (All Things Georgian)

– I love this feature on The Millions that compares the US cover of a book to a foreign cover.

– These Fashion Week Flashbacks on People are amazing. What were ANY of us thinking?

– This is an interesting piece about Schiaparelli from Collectors Weekly.

– Pajiba brings you a list of ALL the guests who are supposed to be on this SNL 40th Birthday Whatever Whatever Thing. (Its actual name, I’m sure)

– Doncha wanna see Rachel McAdams, Tim Riggins and Colin Farrell on the set of True Detective Two: True Detective-ier? (Lainey)

– Fashionista brings us a look at how street style stars get dressed for fashion week (sometimes, for money).

– I’m not crazy about this Meghan Trainor cover for Seventeen. (Celebitchy)

– Grantland wonders what’s happening with Tiger Woods’s clothes (and, by extension, Tiger Woods).