What a week, jeez – from tornados to wind storms. Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and dry. Get your vaccine and boosters if you haven’t done that yet! /nagging.

PBS Newshour has rounded up ways to help tornado victims. As ever, we welcome further recs in the comments.

Excellent: Reaching for bell hooks in the Darkness [The Cut]

This is such a great piece from Jada Yuan: Discovering Dr. Wu: “The world reveres Chien-Shiung Wu as a groundbreaking nuclear physicist who made a startling find 65 years ago. But to me, she was Grandma — and I long to know more about her private universe.” [WaPo]

Legit helpful: Ask a Cardiologist: Should Carrie Have Called 911? (In short: YES.) [Vulture]

This is a really good long interview with Mark Mylod, who directed much of this past season of Succession. [Vulture]

Lainey’s take on this Ben Affleck/Howard Stern interview is well-worth your time. (In case you need a primer on the latest, this is just the tip of the iceberg.)

You’ve probably read this obituary, as it’s gone viral, but it’s absolutely well-worth your time. It is also the only obit I’ve ever read that made me think the person who penned it should get a book deal. I’m very glad I got to know Renay a little bit. [Fayetteville Observer]

IT’S HERE: The 2021 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog [Defector]

Keanu is honestly the best: Keanu Reeves and Colbert talk Sad Keanu meme, fear, and anxiety on another Late Show bromance [Lainey]

This coat is wild and also I might love it!??! [Tom and Lorenzo]

On the Keanu topic: Lance Reddick Says that Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, Is ‘Cool as F—‘ [Pajiba]

At NPR: How Black women reclaimed country and Americana music in 2021

Super interesting: Can An Actor’s Fashion Contract Influence The Costumes In Their Films? [Fashionista]

Logistics! Inside the Herculean Effort to Resume ‘The Amazing Race’ After Its 18-Month COVID Shutdown [Variety]

This is a fun read: ‘You immediately tell your friends to cancel their tickets’ – what’s it like to star in a flop? [The Guardian]

COOL: Rare Deep-Sea Sighting of a Giant Phantom Jellyfish Captured on Video From 3,200 Feet Below [My Modern Met]

So interesting, at Vox: My year of smells: The power of perfume in a plague year.

This new Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum/DanRad/Brad Pitt movie looks legit fun. [Celebitchy]

Finally: We were guests on the Extra Hot Great podcast this week, where we talked about And Just Like That, among other things. (Like my favorite episode of The X-Files!)