Jurassic Park is one of those movies where I forget just how adept it was until I catch it on HBO. It’s great, chilling, and kind of delightful in its refusal to cast Big Action Stars — I mean, Sam Neill? Jeff Goldblum? They’re both good in it, but not natural-born ass-kickers. Now, the¬†previews for Jurassic World involve the following two things: a person I like, Chris Pratt, in a clean-cut swashbuckling mode that is maybe the only thing I’ve ever seen NOT come totally naturally to him, while uttering very stilted dialogue and maybe having surprisingly little chemistry with Bryce Dallas Howard; and dinosaurs that are bigger, meaner, scarier. I am not sure I need EITHER of those things in my life. Those suckers that killed Newman from Seinfeld are freaky enough.

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