I will totally be watching this on a plane. Don’t doubt it. Or on OWN, since apparently Oprah has already ordered a TV series based on this movie, even though it hasn’t come out yet. Oprah loves being in the Tyler Perry business. Which reminds me: Do I need to be watching The Haves and the Have Nots? Because it looks dramatic whenever I see an ad for it and you know I love drama. Note: Whoever is running Tyler Perry’s website has not realized that building in a widget that pulls the “most popular” comments into its sidebar has led to the following blurb being front and center on the page devoted to The Haves and the Have Nots. A vote against my adding it to my DVR, courtesy of one gentle reader: “I want my precious energy and time back. This was perhaps the most poorly executed drama (soap opera) in history of mankind. The title was good, the idea good. The script and acting HORRIBLE. Absolutely disgusted and disappointed. Wow…Was almost as if each actor / actress read lines from a page while eating cold cereal for the very first time and knowing that diarrhea would soon follow from lactose intolerance. I wanted so badly to find something positive to say but really this was an EPIC fail.”  A) That is NOT the blurb you want on the top of your own informational page about a creative project!!!!!  And B) I love this person and I hope he or she posts here at GFY because s/he is a wordsmith and we need to hang out.

Also, people wore stuff.

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