From the Desk of Amber Rose:

Dear Fug Nation,

I know you thought that I, like others before me, succumbed to the Curse of Fug Madness — namely, that once securing the title, I fell into relative obscurity. Winning the title, some believe, does to one’s career what appearing on the cover of In Style Weddings does to your marriage: dooms it. Well, friends, I am here to prove that there is no such curse. Aubrey O’Day and her little dog are on Celebrity Apprentice, and while it is true that, sure, I have literally nothing to do professionally lately, I am outside and people are taking my pictures and I’m wearing shoes that appear to be constructed from two tiny Monchhichis and these pants are ridiculous and YES IT’S TRUE. I AM GUNNING FOR MY SECOND TITLE. You call it a curse, I call it a blessing, and I’M BACK BABY SO WATCH OUT.


Amber Rose

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