Lauren Conrad could teach Lo a thing or two about Things You Can Tuck Into Other Things. Because whether or not you like this outfit, the shirt and the shorts definitely flatter LC’s waistline.

teen vogue party arrivals 021010


However, I’m still not convinced the concept of formal shorts should exist, though I’m willing to concede that these aren’t hateful. In fact, that’s about the only emotion I can muster about this outfit: not hateful. Although it all does evoke some kind of Pearl Harbor war bride who volunteers at a clinic and then watches as Ben Affleck’s hair highlights pout because he came back from the dead to sweep that blank brunette off her feet, only to find out that his best friend already swept her. That is the part where an industrious passer-by might offer his broom another room to clean, then while he sleeps, give him a less ridiculous hair rinse. But this outfit is sufficiently blah that I suspect This Girl just went home and ironed her sheets before writing a Roosevelt-Churchill fan-fiction.