I feel like I may have unintentionally half-assed last week’s recap. I’m sorry. The week had gotten away from me due to travel, and I had to get it done in a hurry. I will endeavor to whole-ass the HELL out of this recap.

Also: Back in the olden days when I recapped ER for Television Without Pity, the show routinely violated a particular body part whose besmirching is a BIG phobia of mine, so I would use the word “toes” instead. In subsequent years through many other shows, I’d get texts from friends — practically with timecode, and certainly with verbal cues — letting me know which portions of a Bones or Grey’s Anatomy or X-Files not to watch. And the Outlander came along and violated a toe without my approval. Luckily their dialogue forewarned me and I was able to look away and LA LA LA LA LA my way through that scene. For what is “toe(s)” a substitute? You’ll find out soon enough, and no, I did not get any screen grabs of the bits that sounded gross.

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