Yeah, so I got a bit behind on this show. But while we were at Fashion Week, alarm bells went off all over Twitter about Serena’s pajamas, so I couldn’t let another day slide without, well, some slides. I would love a crossover between this show and GCB. Blair Waldorf vs The Cheno would be a dream.

Plotwise: Same old. Chuck loves Blair! Blair loves Chuck! Blair can’t be with Chuck because of [insert thing here]. But then [insert thing here] goes away and Blair decides she can’t be with Chuck anyway because of [insert other thing here]. In this case, it’s her pre-nup, and then the fact that Blair decides she loves Chuck but she’s IN love with Dan. Uh-huh. Not with that hair, people. Never. Oh, and when Serena’s grandmother dies, the lid blows off the whole Ivy-Isn’t-The-Real-Charlie-Rhodes thing, and grandma knew and left her everything anyway. So the keys to the penthouse are in the impostor’s purse. WHAT UP, UPPER EAST SQUATTERS.

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