You know what I decided?

This is just an homage to all those times on Sex and the City where Carrie wore a bra in situations wherein most ladies would be bra-less (e.g, every time she had sex, ever, as well — I suspect — as in the shower). (Which ain’t a slam on SJP not wanting to be all Nipples Akimbo on screen as much as it is a passing thought that instead of always showing her bra, they could have CUT AROUND THIS like every other show on TV, instead of making it seem like Carrie was a secret Never Nude.) (Yes, I still think about Sex and the City. Leave me alone.) (I STILL won’t see Sex and the City III.) (That is a lie. But I will ONLY watch it on a plane.)  And the gloves, obviously, are a salute to Madonna, the president of Ladies Against Aging Hands.  She’s actually also the president of Women In Favor of Visible Lingerie, so those two must hang out more than previously assumed.