This is last week’s episode, not last night’s — sorry for the delay in posting, but I was on vacation and then had a travel drama, and basically, you know you’re tired when you’re watching Dallas and you can’t understand the very basic words coming out of people’s mouths. So I had to pace myself. Which is exactly what I suspect Larry Hagman is doing, as halfway through this episode, he announces he’s Mysteriously Leaving for an unspecified amount of time and hops on a chopper. Do we think it’s budgetary, or to preserve his health and energy, or… well, maybe he came back right away, I don’t know. But he’d better bring something scandalous with him when he does return. The absence of JR Ewing is only tolerable if it promises to end in shenanigans. Or some she-Pam-igans, if you catch my drift. Which is not so much a drift as an explosion.

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