Okay, so we rarely fug people on competitive reality shows — because they’re like stuck on an island or whatever, and ergo can not be expected to look all polished and whatnot (although in fact, half the time, I think the people on Survivor look better all dirty and undone on the island than they do when they pop up on the jury, which I guess means we should all use less product) — but it’s a very slow week and OMG WHAT IS MIKE BOOGIE WEARING ON BIG BROTHER RIGHT NOW:

It’s not like everyone else looks so great on BB14 at the moment — Dan, whom I LOVE DEARLY, is wearing a series of St Mary’s tee shirts, and I do not even know what is happening with Shane’s Bieber hair — but WTFDUDE. And it’s not like I EXPECT Mike Boogie to look normal — he has spent all season wearing homemade message tees, SERIOUSLY, and in the season of Big Brother on which he made his debut, which I recapped for TWoP, he PROPOSED TO HIS SHOWMANCE WEARING A CUSTOM POWDER BLUE LEATHER BASKETBALL UNIFORM — but….let’s just say it’s nice to know that the universe still has the capacity to surprise.