When most people’s Laura Ashley curtains become threadbare and grow a lean streak of mildew, they get thrown in the trash.

When it happens to Chrissy Teigen, she thinks, “Awesome! Monday night on the town SORTED.”

And if you’re curious, yes, we do have an undergarment in play:

I guess the main design principle was Naked Water Nymph Rising From Giverny Pond Coated In Impressionist Lilies. That velvet hip mustache is a huge problem, too, as is the fact that I’m being asked to stare at her underpants. It fails twofold: One, just because WHO CARES ANYMORE THIS WHOLE DESIGN IS SO BORING, but two, their presence spoils the very effect the designer was going for anyway. YA BURNT. I would consider trying to drop the proverbial mic here, but let’s face it, I’ve won nothing.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]