It’s an unfair comparison, because models are, well, models. But this dress in the original Roksanda campaign looked so much better.

This is sitting much lower on Kate, so the belt is not only in an awkward place, but it’s laying differently so you can’t even really see its two tones. It almost looks like it’s been wedged there, with the dress pulling and crinkling around it. Finally, it also stumpifies her enormously, although the camera angle is complicit in this. There is nothing wrong with being 5’6″ — I am in that neighborhood myself and I’m happy there — but the fact is, this seems to be a dress for a tall person. On Kate, it looks like a kid playing dress-up in mom’s clothes. Can’t she find a good tailor? Has she heard of a little something called Yelp? Let the Internet be your friend, Kate.

On that tip: Whoever told you to do that with your tongue in photos… ignore that person. (Was it Jessica Simpson? DOUBLE ignore it, then.)

[Photo: Getty]

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