Harper’s Bazaar UK named Viola Davis one of its women of the year, and she came to accept it in an Armani that I can’t quite decide if I like. It MIGHT be nifty, with its hints of fuchsia in the fringe, which is providing basically the only interest (other than the very precise fit). OR it might look like she won a dubious honor on a cruise at dinner and has to wear it the rest of the night, or at least until she can coax her husband off the ballroom dance floor. I’m gravitating toward liking it, but I’m concerned that the more she moves, the more it’ll settle in weird places. I think it’s very possible I should accept that it’s pretty darn good and not fret about that which I will never see. But as this week limps to a close, it’s nice to have something absolutely inconsequential to debate. Viola looks good! Does she look great? Either way we will sleep tonight, and so will she.

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I am substantially less ambivalent about Lashana’s big swing:

Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards, Claridge's, London, UK - 10 Nov 2022

You cannot convince me that hasn’t been stapled.

[Photos: Richard Young/Shutterstock ]