Something about this photo made me think that Taylor had dyed her hair green:

The good news is that it’s just the lighting. I swear:

Still this very natural-looking dark blonde, which I actually like on her. And as always, I love her red lipstick. (Note: thanks to everyone on Twitter this weekend who gave me excellent Red Lipstick for Pale Brunettes With Yellow Undertones Advice. I have purchased Revlon Romantic, Mac Russian Red, and Urban Decay F Bomb, and will report back. There was a LOT of chatter about how hard it is to find the perfect red for everyone, regardless of hair/skin tones, so feel free to unload all recommendations in the comments here.)

That extremely pressing question out of the way, let’s discuss this outfit. I feel like I actually should like it MORE than I do. It fits her, and it suits her, and yet it still sort of looks only 86% finished to me. (Cute shoes, though.) Weigh in on THAT, too.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]