I seriously think the only reason I’m putting this up to a vote is because I am stunned she looks as good in it as she does:

Pleated cropped cuffed pants with suspenders, a flesh-toned body suit, and a puffy pink bag is quite seriously an outfit you’d find on Claudia Kishi in Baby-Sitters Club 67: Wait, Why Am Letting A 12 Year Old Wearing Gummy Worms As Earrings Watch My Infant While I’m At Work, Again?  But — AND I KNOW THIS IS CRAZY — I feel like she’s sort of pulling this off. I would look like a little teapot in it (short and stout), but she looks sort of…French. (She is IN France. Maybe it’s something in the water.)

What do you think?

  • Horrible. (60%, 5,789 Votes)
  • Terrific! (10%, 921 Votes)
  • I can't believe you're not including a wishy-washy answer in these options. (31%, 2,949 Votes)

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