I feel like this is the IKEA end table of dresses: quickly put together, low on design but high on function, and with a splash of color so that you think it’s more exciting than it actually is.

I shall call it EKBAARST. And I appreciate Frieda’s attempts to liven up EKBAARST with the aggressive shoes and that telephone cord wearing some kind of glove, but y’all KNOW how I feel about awkward hemlines. It’s not as bad as if it were three inches lower, but wouldn’t it be better three inches higher? Or more? I feel like this is what IKEA is all about — settling for something that’s just fine, because you are tired of walking and way too full of meatballs to care anymore.

However, in the spirit of full disclosure:

I do think the slit up the side helps make it feel less like she’s going to slip on a hat and nurse me back to health, like an Upper East Side Florence Nightingale. What do you think, Fug Nation? Do you love it or want to leave it? Or would you like to do a little surgery? Snap on your rubber gloves and ready your commenting scalpels.


  • I'm sorry, the patient is gone. (48%, 3,336 Votes)
  • The patient is just fine -- give her a lollipop and send her home. (28%, 1,947 Votes)
  • The patient needs some visual antibiotics, which I will prescribe in the comments. (23%, 1,610 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,896

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