So, I pretty much love this, with one major exception:

And that is: I freely admit I am a total stick-in-the-mud about grown people wearing rompers.  I can’t help it. She is pulling this off about as well as a human ever will, but this is not Gymboree Play & Sing, and she is not soon to be handed a mallet and asked to bang the blue key on the xylophone while they sing about hot pastries. Half the reason it even HAS to be a romper is because it’s so short that when she sits down, it’ll essentially turn into a bathing suit, and so giving it a crotch seam is semi-protective. I sincerely award her lots of cosmically meaningless points for this — I can even live with the shoes, although there MUST have been a cuter colorful option somewhere that nobody gave her — because the fabric is that tempting. All playsuits are not created equal, and this one is high on the scale. But. It’s still a playsuit. On an adult.

Am I crazy? Do I have to relent and just deal with the fact that Rompers Are Happening outside elementary schools? Unforgivable pun time: Is a grown-up dinner on the town now, and forever, a rompin’ circumstance?


  • Yes! GET OVER IT. (17%, 1,039 Votes)
  • NO. STAY STRONG. (51%, 3,018 Votes)
  • Yes if the fabric is super cute which this is and okay it's short but whatever I love it stop it don't look at me. (31%, 1,822 Votes)
  • *raises hand* I don't mind them but I actually DON'T like this fabric so can we talk another time? (1%, 77 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,956

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