Jared Leto just wore one of Gucci’s animal pieces; did they give Suicide Squad a BOGO deal?

Generally, I prefer to keep within the seething tiger of villainy that lives in my chest cage, but Margot is giving this whole affair a Krugeresque air of possibility. This thing has poppies and dragonflies and twee garden details and then a carnivorous feline — a lot, by any standard — but it also is clean and well-accessorized and she looks lively, and hell, even a pleasantly dapper Will coordinates with it. I’d never seek this out myself, and on a WHOLE lot of other people I might cry foul, but… every outfit has its context. She might be its match. Or maybe the world right now makes me feel the same way that tiger does, and so I’m signing off on this in solidarity.

[Photo: Getty]