I am beginning to think Wiig is like that friend of a friend of yours who always shows up at parties looks vaguely insane. Like, you really like her every time you see her for Mutual Friend’s Birthday, or whatever, and she seems good at her job and you know from how much she overshares on Facebook that she works for some extremely noble charity and so you have a lot of positive feelings for her considering you don’t really know her, but she also ALWAYS pops up at events looking totally bizarre.

Which is why I looked at this and I was like, “meh, I can live with that:”

I mean, yes. It is a stupid jumpsuit and hasn’t she worn enough stupid jumpsuits to fill a small in-ground swimming pool full of them? If nothing else: snore. Let’s move on. But it’s not the WORST jumpsuit in the swimming pool, it’s CERTAINLY not the most bizarre misstep she’s ever made, and her bracelet is great. As we draw closer to Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful for small favors.

[Photo: Getty]