We pretty much have to begin with this photo, because it is, to me, a treasure.

Their facial expressions make me laugh so hard. NEITHER woman looks like she is succeeding at approximating a smile, Kim for possible cosmetic reasons, and Martha because the handcuff bracelets she’s wearing symbolize the way she’s unwillingly yoked to this photo opportunity. It seriously looks like instead of saying “cheese,” Kim Kardashian says, “Heeeyyyyyyyy!” And Martha is saying, “Martini. MARTINI.”

Let’s check out Kim’s gown:

The philosophy behind it certainly isn’t unusual for her: a high-waist and a top that puts all the focus on her chest.  (This one almost looks like it was crafted partially from old panty hose.) But there are elements of it I don’t hate, like the fabric, and it’s not by any means the worst thing I’ve seen her wear, so can we call this an improvement?

I know people get impatient that we still cover her, but the thing is — which we’ve said before — she’s not going away, no matter what we do. I don’t think ignoring her makes us anything except haughty, at this point. Besides, as far as we’re concerned, the soul-twistingly bad stuff she wears is totally in keeping with the very reasons this site was founded.  The trick for me is to hope OTHER people keep leaving the house as often as she does so that it dilutes The Kim Parade. Ergo, thank you, Time 100. We need more lists with a hundred people on them. Where is the Cosmo 100? The Glamour 100? The Cat Fancy 100? COLLECT THEM ALL.


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