We often theorize, on the site and in life, that some people can wear giant bags and still look good. This might be a way to test if that’s true.

Okay, so it’s not QUITE a giant bag, but it’s a very loosely draped halter. And there could not be less to it when you see it from this angle, although let’s face it, nobody cares about this angle when you have a vast expanse of lovingly buffed Klum torso in the offing:

The dress still doesn’t want to do that much, other than slouch. Kind of like how I feel some weekends, and Mondays, and all the other days. But it has the benefit of being slung around the nude form of a burnished German supermodel, though, which gives it a bit more of a graceful form — or at least the will to live — than if it were draped all over me.  It’s a very specific case of, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME,  unless you are a supermodel who is genetically incapable of dumpyness.

Does she pull it off?

  • Yes, my God, YES, with those genes. (65%, 5,212 Votes)
  • Yeah, but give the dress credit -- it would've looked good on a lot of people. (3%, 216 Votes)
  • Not really. It's so meh to me. (17%, 1,375 Votes)
  • Oh, Heidi. Please don't. (15%, 1,215 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,018

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