First of all, I spent a very enjoyable evening the other night watching Gugu here in Beyond the Lights, in which she plays a sort of Rihanna-esque (but not as famous) Pop Star With Problems, who becomes involved with A Policeman With Political Aspirations Who Is Also Really Good-Looking (he’s played by Nate Parker, and one of the things you need to know about him is that when you Google Image Search him, Google wonders if what you really want to be searching for is “Nate Parker Body,” which, YES FINE I DO). Anyway, she’s excellent in it and I think you also might enjoy Netflixing it over the holidays. She’s also in Concussion, which comes out shortly, so we’ll get to enjoy her a bit more soon, which is a good thing:

I LONG for this dress in wallpaper form, which, as you know, is one of the nicest things I personally can say about or to a person (along with, “You are wearing the exact right amount of bracelets,” or “Prince Harry told me he’s never been able to shake the sexual hold you have over him”). I long, just as strongly, to pair this with a totally different pair of shoes, OBVIOUSLY, but is anyone really looking at her shoes? Let’s be real.

[Photo: Getty]