Can I raise an objection on behalf of Canada? I know the rest of the Catching Fire cast is probably tired, but y’all, GO TO CANADA. Do not ignore our neighbors to the north. They deserve good things, too, and they have given us so much. They sent us Gosling, McAdams, Michael J. Fox, Robin Sparkles, the Legends of the Fall filming experience that allowed Brad Pitt to nurture that hair… in return, GO TO YOUR PREMIERE UP THERE.

Sam looks very dapper. And Jena’s dress is… also there. First, let us discuss that she looks like Kiernan Shipka’s older sister with that hair and makeup.  Second, I hope somebody over at ModCloth is locating a dress made of that little ruffle fabric at the bottom, because it’s cute, it’s hipster, and it could make a nice reasonably priced party dress with a saucy description about how they look like tiny golden snitches. Third, if we chopped off that part of the dress, I might like what’s left. Although the fabric reminds me a little of the tissue paper some coffee places wrap around their muffins — you know, the gourmet-seeming ones that don’t have proper tops and actually don’t taste that good. That’s not a great association, is it? A bland muffin really chaps my hide.

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