Congratulations to Michelle Williams, who either won because she looked great — and she did! — or won because Louis Vuitton has set the bar very low in general and we were all just so relieved by this. Either way, I support it. The runners-up were Gwendoline Christie, and then Chrishell Hartley. Also sitting with Chrishell at 10 percent were Kristen Bell and Anna Chlumsky, but Chrishell had more total votes, and the percentages just worked out that way because of rounding. It was a good spread of voting, honestly. But the worst-dressed was even MORE spread out, to the point where we can have a little informal run-off if you feel like it:


Indya Moore, up there in white, won with 17 percent of the vote, and Amy Adams nipped at their heels with 14 percent. Then we had Sarah Sutherland in her sad pink bodice, and Gwyneth. I thought Gwynnie had this in the bag, honestly. Lots of other votes were spread across all the other contenders, which I enjoy. Winnowed down to these four, would the results be the same? If you care to find out, we can experiment:

If you had to vote again, who's your worst?

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