Last year, when we made up a Gift Guide, portions of each purchase went to charity — and y’all ended up raising more than a thousand dollars, just by doing a little holiday shopping. Doesn’t that rule? So we decided to do it again, scouring our browser histories and grabbing all the bits and bobs we ripped out of magazines (yes, I totally still do that) to come up with a list of gifty things we’re digging on right now — in some cases, aided and abetted by Fug Nation itself.

And again, it’s for charity. Here’s how it works, and please bear with me, because it’s worth it: Each item’s slide links to its spot on our Mulu page (or you can browse there directly if you prefer). From there, mouse over the photograph and then click “take me there” to buy that item from the merchant, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), an organization that is dear to our hearts because I have a wonderful, smart, beautiful niece with autism, and watching her navigate the world — and lose an incredibly important, formative relationship when her best pal, my father, passed away — really underscores the fact that the older children like her get, the tougher the world becomes for them.  It costs you nothing but two or three extra clicks, and every last cent it generates means something to a whole lot of people. Really, you’re shopping for The Children. And since Whitney Houston taught us that the children are our future, you’re therefore shopping for HUMANKIND.

Further: If you want to help out the children and families affected by Hurricane Sandy, many of whom will have to conjure holiday spirit from amid the rubble, Toys for Tots has a special donation page to help make things merrier and brighter in the blighted areas.

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