In case you missed any of the match-ups on today’s opening day of FUG MADNESS:

Here’s your Cher Bracket, featuring possibly the worst outfit of the year on Rita Ora and a whole lot of HOLA LOVERS.

Here’s your Bjork Bracket, which you should visit solely for her cheerful floating head, but also because Katy Perry wears a whimsical Christmas sweater dress.

Here’s your Madonna Bracket, which boasts Kim Kardashian wearing pelts of animals once thought to be extinct, and Carly Rae Jepsen’s inexhaustible supply of rompers.

Here’s your Charo Bracket, where Rihanna is running all over Kiki Dunst, but upsets are a’brewing.

Wondering what the hell is going on? Your FAQ Madness.

Still need a bracket? Print one, and get in on the fun. The fun continues tomorrow!