There are a couple things you need to know about this picture from Justin Bieber’s Instagram:

1. He did actually wear this mask outside.

2. He posted it it by saying it he was wearing “Channel,” not “Chanel,” which is so beyond cramazing that my funny bone actually just snapped.

3. Did I mention he wore this outside? Lots of questions about about THAT.

4. I feel like, if Top Model were airing in the fall as normal and not in the summer, we would’ve ended up with a photoshoot based entirely on girls (and guys, I guess, now) modeling through balaclavas.

5. I was going to call him a numbskull and then I realized that if he’s feeling chilly enough to wear this then maybe he does actually have a numb skull.

6. With this he has basically gone beyond asking Fug Madness 2014 out on a date, instead skipping straight to feeling it up clumsily in the car.

[Photo: Instagram]