I don’t know how Kim has not figured out that tight skirts with horizontal patterns across her hips do NOT do for her what she thinks they do.

But I mean, apart from looking like something you could buy on The Sims for your bangin’ bachelor pad, Kim actually is not the problem here. Nor is Kylie. No, it’s Kendall who needs a Get-a-Grip Friend to tell her she looks like she’s wearing rotting linens. Beyond that, though, the whole outfit feels like something Angie Harmon would wear, but with actual finished pant legs, and Angie Harmon — whom I love, conceptually — IS IN HER FORTIES. Kendall is eighteen. It’s cool to want to grow up to be Angie Harmon — I will feel that way until I die, I suspect — but not when you still have like THIRTY YEARS to get there.

However. Kendall did not have the worst sartorial weekend of the lot.

This was a party for Women’s Health. NOTHING ABOUT THIS  ONESIE PROMOTES WOMEN’S HEALTH. This onesie may be DELETERIOUS to women’s health. It is the devil’s doily; Satan’s frilly Sunday sock; a white lace Lucifer with shades of Seuss du Soleil. BLAKE LIVELY PRESERVE US.

[Photos: AKM-GSI, Getty]