Allow me to be upfront: I like Keira. And also I think this is HIDEOUS:

Many many years ago, I worked at a high-end fabric and home furnishings store that I’ll call The Button Factory, because that’s what Friend of GFY Dave always called it, even though that’s not at all close to the name of the company. The Button Factory was rather boring. I spent a lot of time calling this toll-free number that would give you updates on what happened on your soaps that day — this is what we had to do in the days before widespread internet (we had computers that were intranet enabled, but no real internet) — and I also wasn’t allowed to wear pants.  And so, we sold a lot of fabric, obviously, and that fabric hung on these metal frames that you could flap through in order to get a good look at a big swatch of it, and this dress looks like nothing so much as the very ugliest corner of our chiffon section, where designers* would wander over to try to find something for Fancy Celebrity’s Bedroom Sheers and then gasp in horror and scamper back over to the safety of the toile wallpaper, which was my own personal happy place. DON’T WEAR THE HORRIFIED GASP-WORTHY SHEERS SECTION.

*Inside baseball: I don’t know how many of you watched Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo, but if you did, you should know that Martyn Lawrence Bullard used to come in all the time (most big decorators would send in their assistants to do the first flap through stuff), and he was so nice to me. </trivia>

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