I hate that we’re in an era where people look like a Jenner-Kardashian rather than the other way around, because it means the JenKards are the alphas now. But seriously: Victoria Justice could TOTALLY pass as a sudden Kardnner sibling, or a convenient lookalike relative — like the in Sweet Valley High #45, Family Secrets, in which the Wakefield twins welcomed their cousin Kelly who was effectively their triplet except she didn’t have the lavaliere and had tricksy green eyes.


Maybe she and Kendall should sniff around some acting projects together, since Kendall seems to like working and Victoria just signed a development deal. I have to compliment Victoria on the proportions here, though. The pants make her legs look ten miles long. Her hair and makeup are great, and the white is very crisp against her dark hair. My nits are the lack of accessories and the fact that her pants are slit at the sides and inlaid with a bunch of transparent pleated frippery:

It doesn’t look that bad from this angle, but in the shot of her walking on-stage…

… it starts to look like she’s dragging her parachute.

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