I have no idea what she’s wearing under the coat.

But the thing is, I also might not care, because that is a LUSH coat. It’s great. I want to nuzzle it, a little. And she’s clearly warm on a cold night at an outdoor step-and-repeat — let’s not underestimate the wisdom of THAT; no nippleitis, for starters — and she doesn’t even have to LIKE what she’s got on under it because she’s snug as a bug in a wearable rug. Rolling up the sleeves like that gives it a hipper, more intentional feel, and the shoes are great. So when in doubt, I guess, just hide under some coat porn.



renee zellweger

But, girl, we have got to talk about the hair. Granted, it may have been a long day on set as Bridget Jones, and that hair says nothing to me so much as our modern Mrs. Darcy. But… maybe look into matching hats, too, for such occasions? Worst-case scenario someone slaps some handcuffs on you and screams, “I’ve found Carmen Sandiego,” but that might be worth it for the funny story.

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