I’ve always wondered why Lucy Liu isn’t a bigger deal. She’s SO PRETTY, and she doesn’t age, ever, and she’s usually adds a welcome spark to any show she joins (like Dirty Sexy Money, or Southland, or Ally McBeal, which I actually forgot ever existed until right now; remember that damn dancing baby? Ugh). But she’s not on a bona fide hit — even Southland, though apparently excellent and holding steady, got relegated to cable because it wasn’t doing well enough for the networks. Maybe CBS will change that, since they’re bringing back a boatload of their shows and only have a couple new ones, meaning they’re pretty good at launching stuff right now. In related nostalgia, though, I ALSO remember a time when CBS was the most pathetic network and NBC was the juggernaut. How times change. Excuse me while I dust off my rocking chair.

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