You guys KILLED IT this week. As a reminder: this was our photo, and the challenge was to name the bird Courtney Love discovered.

The Great White Celebrity-Skinned rEgret (Regretta Lotathingsillius)). Also known as the Common Loon.
The Lostrich
Plasticia Disturbana
This rare bird is unusual due to the hardening of the skin on the face. As the bird ages, it voluntarily ingests an array of chemicals that cause the face to turn into a plastic like substance. Most interestingly, studies have show as the face hardens brain waves decrease.
See also: Lohana Lindsbana
The Increasingly Worn-bill Slummingbird (crazeballus trainwreckus)
Notable for having the shortest mating window in the avian world, the female of the species is ready and presentable for only twenty-seven minutes annually. The rest of the year she emits a toxic combination of desperation, self-destructiveness and Cheetos. She is often sticky to the touch.
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