Have you already read Spoiled (our YA novel that came out on Wednesday, doncha know)? Ready for some new reading material? We’re thrilled to be able to give away two prize packs this week, each containing: a copy of Sweet Valley Confidential — the much anticipated Sweet Valley High follow-up (and if you HAVE read Spoiled, you know that Brooke Berlin would be all over this contest if her father hadn’t already arranged for her to get an ARC, which I am sure he asked someone in his office to handle), AND an advance copy of the follow-up to Celebutantes, called Beneath a Starlet Sky. Two books! About celebrities, and blondes! An embarrassment of prize-riches!

THE SUBJECT: Um, hello. SVC is a book about twins. Obviously, we’re tackling an Olsen.

THE SITUATION: Girlfriend wore this on a plane, because it DOES make sense to wear something as close to jammies as possible when traveling.

THE TASK: When we were in college, my friend Dave used to make fun of my friend Jen — who is now, it should be noted, HIS WIFE — for wearing something similar. He called it her “SWOBE,” a portmanteau of “sweater robe.” But to me, SWOBE seems like an acronym. So tell us what SWOBE REALLY stands for. (My entry is: Sassy Weird Old Broad…shoot, I need an E word. This is why I don’t enter these things. Sassy Weird Old Broad Entertains! I lose.)

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday.

THE PRIZE: I just told you! The top two vote-getters in the final poll each get Sweet Valley Confidential AND Beneath a Starlet Sky. Time to get yourself some beach reading!