A quick note: Prior to this week, we did a couple other Oscars flashbacks in the past year, including Cher at the Oscars and Babs at the Oscars, as well as Celine Dion’s famous backward suit. Just in case you wondered where those are.

You probably remember Halle winning for Monster’s Ball. Weirdly, I can’t remember exactly where I was when she won, but I think I was in an airport, flying back to L.A. from a short trip with a long-time boyfriend who would soon become an ex (it was a good thing; we’re both better off and I sincerely love his wife). I was sad to miss the Oscars but didn’t want to make A Whole Thing about it. However, I did stop in my tracks as we walked through the terminal just see if Halle won, and I watched her speech on TV without actually hearing the audio. I just saw the emotion. Even on mute, it was momentous. The dress was a bold and brilliant choice for a history-making win — she’s still the only Black woman to win Best Actress — and she and Elie Saab are forever linked because of it.

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