Can we get the digression out of the way? Okay: Doesn’t this poster, framed the way it is, make it look like Florence’s character is lying down and is about to have an intimate moment with a very young person? I looked up the plot, and that is NOT it, THANKFULLY, so I can’t figure out why they took their semi-challenging indie flick and added a layer of confusion to it.

Speaking of a layer of confusion: Florence here is gussied up like she’s on vacation at The White Lotus, while Julia Garner is dressed as if the heat broke. Julia might be a little sweatier during this event, but I think she got the better deal. Flo’s skirt looks more shredded than stylish, and the rest is a bit been-there, done-that. At least Julia gets a lush coat.

At a different appearance, Florence picked more fabric:

It’s part-sailor, part-kitchen floor, with a navel keyhole that seems to be sitting a tad north of its bullseye. But at least it’s trying something. Points for effort?

[Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images]