The Showtime series¬†The First Lady is VERY star-studded, which I appreciate — even if it’s getting kinda mixed reviews. (Do we need AARON ECKHART messed up to look like GERALD FORD???? And it sounds like Gillian Anderson’s Eleanor Roosevelt is coming from her Thatcher School of Performances, i.e, she’s really working out an accent. KIEFER is playing FDR? Does this mean I am OLD? Welcome to my thought process about this programming.) The take I’ve seen more seems to be, “imperfect but very watchable,” which — honestly — aren’t we all, hopefully? I’m going to check it out regardless;¬† I am always interested in the inner life of a smart woman married to a powerful man, for better or worse. And I’m THRILLED by how many folks came out for this premiere. People look GOOD — or, at the least, very interesting.

[Photos: John Salangsang/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/Shutterstock]