Keira Knightley must really have liked this particular Chanel collection, because she wore it twice in as many days, to differing effect.

Version 1:

I like the blousy top contrasted with the snug waistline — this really does show off how tiny a person is. It’s very ladylike, though, and very cute. Simple, but it has flair; it’s a whiff of ’80s, done in a more modern way. And perfect for what I BELIEVE was actually the after-party. The shoes feel a TINY bit random with it, since they’re not an obvious color match with blush — I think maybe she needed to redden her lips to give them some context? — but they’re also gorgeous and I like that she didn’t go neutral, so we’re not going to get in a fight over it today. Not when the whole enterprise is better than what she’d been wearing previously:

That is Karl Lagerfeld for Jessica McClintock, with shoes by Sort of Cute for An Entirely Different And Less Delicate Outfit (so, you know, an obscure brand that’s gaining a lot of traction lately).

[Photos: Getty]