I may not remember this when seeding time comes around, but right now I’m thankful that Lily Collins is promoting her new movie so much because she has NOT been pulling her punches.

First, though, the one I don’t hate.

Sometimes I think these less formal events are harder than the red carpet, because there’s not as much room to take crazy dramatic chances, and you can very easily veer into Oh, Come On, Brush Your Hair And Put On Some Real Clothes, You Derelict. This is basically perfect for Extra, or a daytime panel, or whatever the heck she was doing at the mall: It’s smart-casual, it’s sparkly but not SPARKLY, the hair and make up are great… It’s all just very easy without being shlubby. Problematically, I think in some lights the top might be a little less opaque than one would like. But I’m going to give her points for the fact that, for once, she’s covered.

So you can probably guess what’s going to happen in this next picture.

She is taking this crop-top trend and flogging it numb. It’s tough to tell because she’s walking, but that skirt seems to have a bow on the front…? And the top just looks like she took boob-suppressing bandages — think She’s The Man, but laundered better — and whipped up an origami schoolgirl dickey. On several levels, even though no entendres were doubled in the makings of that sentnece, the words “Origami Schoolgirl Dickey” do not belong together.

[Photos: WENN, Getty]