Charlize Theron is really pretty great in Young Adult — you totally knew a Mavis Gary in high school, and this might be how you hoped she’d end up — and she’s impressively without vanity. There are loads of scenes where she has thin scraggly bedhead and smeared mascara, and looks like a hangover feels. And while that takes substantially LESS courage when you are Charlize Theron and your worst is still Usain Bolt compared to my third-grade-three-legged-race best, it’s still a rarity in the movies, where people wake up after benders or sex marathons alike with perfect eyelashes and just-so lipgloss (and Susan Lucci should have won a Lifetime Achievement Emmy for her work in this field on All My Children, in which Erica Kane managed full flawless face and hair during multiple stints in prison and on the lam).

Anyway: Charlize. I would have gotten a huge kick out of her doing her public-appearance circuit in some of the Mavis Gary Sweatpants and Plaid pantheon of daytime outfits; instead, she sensibly went with something rather above grocery-store couture:

I love how relaxed and casually sophisticated she looks here — and, I must note, the last time she wore this color, she later won a Golden Globe and an Oscar. If it works for her again then perhaps someone in high places has a major jones for green, and next year we’ll see every aspiring winner or nominee wearing it.

She abandoned color at the Palm Springs gala:

How embarrassing! I hope she kept the receipt.

[Photos: Getty and WENN/FayesVision]