All right! TIME FOR WORLDS! As you may know, I only cover the Americans in this post if their costumes has changed since I wrote about them during the US National Championships, so if you’re wondering where they are…now you know. Regardless, there is much to discuss; as usual, I’ll cover the winners and anyone who seems like they might be wearing something we’d like to eyeball. For example, WHY ALL THE GLOVES THIS YEAR? I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch a lot of this, because my DVR decided not to record much of it, AGAIN, and NBC hasn’t aired the men’s free skate yet (it airs on Sunday). If you don’t want to be spoiled on who won anything at this World Championships, I suggest you do NOT click into this post. As ever, I invite skating experts and aficionados please weigh in on any and all thoughts, including who choked, who surprised (Ashley hasn’t skated that long program that well in a LONG TIME), and WHY are so many people skating to Titanic again? Juicy gossip and tales from those of you who attended this event welcome as always. To the ruffles, the illusion netting, and the hideous tights!

[Photos: Getty]