Violet Grey is a hair/skin care/makeup/beauty supply website that just opened a free-standing store here in Los Angeles, and threw a party. (I also just lost like 45 minutes of my life looking at the hair products they sell, because I am obsessed with hair products and a lot of these have proven sort of hard to get, and then I fell into the section on their site called The French Edit because I, like everyone else, am also very interested in French beauty products, though you can get those at Amazon fairly easily now.) (This is NOT a sponsored post — although those are affiliate links because we always use them if we can — I just got off on a tangent. An unsponsored tangent! That, honestly, is the story of my life. An Unsponsored Tangent shall be the title of my autobiography.)

What am I even talking about? Oh, right! So there was a party, people showed up, and if you doubted that patterned dresses are back, doubt no more.

[Photos: Vince Flores/, Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]