I feel like half my posts reference an opinion I had during the telecast, versus how I feel looking at a photo. Sometimes it’s because I can’t find a picture that supports my first impression, and sometimes it’s because the photos sell me on a benefit to a dress that I couldn’t see the night before. This one is both:

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
On Sunday, I thought this stumpified Keri — like, I wanted it to be just skimming the floor, or better, a couple inches shorter, which would really capture that “nobody puts Baby in the corner” essence. Seriously, does she not remind you of the night Baby and Johnny went to dance the mambo at the Shelldrake, and they almost got busted by the little old wallet thieves, and she busted out the thumb dance to cover her inability to do lifts? Oh, Dirty Dancing, you will never be passe to me.
Anyway, there’s all that… and yet, looking at this photo, the retro feel of this dress is SO perfect for her somehow — it really captures who I imagine Keri Russell is, and what she likes, and how she balances comfort and formalwear. And look, wherever the hem is, I still wouldn’t put this girl in the corner. I don’t think I’d even put her in the back of the room. This girl is not Cheap Seats, and I really hope her new show with Will Arnett is good, because I’m excited to have them both back on my TV. Now if only Entertainment Weekly would send out that Fall TV Preview issue…