This one got off to a bad start and never fully recovered:
62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
God knows I stand behind a girl craving a new haircut — as a curlyhead my options on that front are limited, which has the effect of making me want to chop it in ways I know I shouldn’t, just for variety — but I can’t endorse Emily Deschanel’s new bangs. I don’t know if it’s the length, the thickness, or some other intangible, but they completely overshadow her face. The rest of the dress didn’t have much of a prayer after that: She is totally tangential to it. Other than the skirt looking like a criss-crossed homage to the fringe on her forehead, that thing could basically have walked down the red carpet without anyone in it at all and it would’ve looked exactly the same. Poor ol’ Temperance Brennan is just a mannequin in that thing, wearing it just so it can go back to its dress barn and brag to all its buddies that it went to the Emmys and touched hems with Kevin Bacon’s pants, or something. You deserve better, Bones. Like, say, Booth. Can you get on that please? For real. Saddle up and bring that stallion into the barn. It’s time. 
But go change first.